The Candid Frame – Descanso  Gardens

Three-Hour Digital Camera Photo-Walk

Saturday, May 4, 2013

S P A C E      I S    L I M I T E D 

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$55 for one person for a three-hour photo-walk or $100 for two people for a three-hour photo-walk

Note:  The workshop includes the price of admission too!)

Enjoy the lovely lush surrounds of Descano Gardens! 

If it’s an area that you’re already familiar with, being there with a group of creative people can help you see things in ways you hadn’t noticed before. This photo-walk will provide you with a great opportunity to, not only enable you to take better creative photos, you also get to meet fellow photographers, make new friends, and have fun!

What do you need to bring? Yourself and a camera. Doesn’t matter what kind. If you want to come with a cell phone, go for it!

If you want to show up with a top-of-the-line camera and an assortment of lenses and accessories, great!

Built on aesthetic basic fundamentals, the learning tour covers composition, framing, and finding interesting patterns and subjects while the outdoor setting provides a practice field to work on controlling white balance, brightness, sharpness, while developing on personal style and creativity! 

**S p a c e   is   l i m i t e d** 

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Chasing the Light: The Hands-On Experience

(Level: Intermediate/Advanced)

With Chasing the Light, you'll learn how to see, evaluate and use available light. Whether you favor portraits, landscapes, sports, or close-ups, the intensive course will help develop your own unique vision as a photographer. 
Based on the best-selling book, Chasing the Light, this workshop offers you the ability to understand the different qualities of light, the effective use of light and shadow and how to convey emotion in a single photograph. This one-day workshop provides intermediate and advanced photographers the opportunity to take their photography to a whole new level. Advanced/Intermediate

*Stay Tuned for Future Workshop Dates