LA Street Photography: 1 on 1 Workshop


LA Street Photography: 1 on 1 Workshop


Good street photography, requires a personal approach and Ibarionex’s one-one workshops will help you to achieve that. It’s a great opportunity to develop your process for making consistently strong images whether you are new to photography or have years of experience.

The intimate workshop focuses on mastering the key features of your camera (focus, metering, exposure, white balance) and provide you a clear understanding how and why they can make a difference in your photography.

You will also have the opportunity to see how Ibarionex creates his own images. You’ll learn how he explores a scene by paying attention to light and shadow, how he approaches and photographs strangers and how he builds a composition by carefully examining setting, subject and gesture.

Once you have registered for a session, you will receive a brief questionnaire to assess your level of knowledge and your goals for your one-on-one session. Then on the day of your session, Ibarionex will discuss how to optimally prepare your camera and yourself for a productive day of photographing in the streets.

The session will take place somewhere in Los Angeles, most often Downtown or Hollywood. Special arrangements can be made for other locations as well. 

Please fill out the registration form to schedule your one-on-one workshop and include the specific date you would like to schedule your session for.

You can attend sessions with a friend but the group is limited to 3 participants. 

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