The Candid Frame 1 on 1 Street Photography Workshop offers an intimate way to learn and practice street photography. In this intensive one-day workshop, Ibarionex walks you through his personal approach for making exceptional street photographs. He demonstrates how he uses light, color, setting and gesture to create photographs. He then walks you through the process by exploring the diverse and rich cultures and communities that make Los Angeles a unique and fascinating city. 

During the workshop you will:

  • Develop a way to effectively see and use light.
  • Learn how to use color and contrast to shape a photograph
  • Discover how to photograph strangers for both candid images and street portraits
  • Find the best settings for your camera to ensure that capture the key moment
  • Practice how to build strong compositions
  • Overcome your fear of photographing on public streets
  • Learn the importance of the telling gesture

By the end of the day, you have will have discovered how to slowly and methodically build a composition, which will help you to become more consistent when photographing in the streets of your home town or when you are traveling abroad. You'll also discover how to evaluate your images to identify not only your strongest individual shots, but also the images that help tell the complete story of your experience. 

Groups are limited to a maximum of 3 people ensuring that you receive our full attention to help further you abilities whether you are a beginner or advanced street shooter. 

The day's itinerary can be customized to your specific needs and interests. We also can make special accommodations for those photographers traveling abroad. 

Fee:  $299

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