The Candid Frame #161 - Jeff Sedlik

Jeff Sedlik is a photographer, director, educator, publisher, expert witness and consultant. A leading authority on image licensing, copyright and the business of image licensing, Sedlik is President of the PLUS Coalition, past President of the APA, and a Professor at  the Art Center College of Design. You can discover more about the PLUS Coalition and register for free by visiting

Jeff Sedlik recommends the work of Herman Leonard.

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The Candid Frame #150 - Tony Di Zinno

Tony Di Zinno is a photographer whose assignments have led him to six continents in over 58 countries. Easily at home on Hollywood's studio back lots and on the foothills of the Himalaya, this self proclaimed 'photo-sherpa' has made his bones on propaganda by producing iconic images for Nike, Adidas and The North Face among others. Now as a faculty member at the Art Center College of Design, near Los Angeles, CA (his alma mater, PHO 89), Tony teaches various hybrid classes multi-discipline in nature. 

 Tony was invited on the board of Mountain to Mountain, a non-profit foundation working on projects in Central Asia, (Pakistan and Afghanistan). Previously, he had worked with M2M curating for a traveling photo exhibit called the 'Views of the Himalaya' benefiting a village in Nepal. The focus is on the education of young journalists in Kabul (video, radio and photo) with an emphasis on young women in the roles previously prohibited by Taliban extremists. He will soon be returning to that country as part of his work with M2M. You can discover more about Tony and his work by visiting his website

You can discover more about Mountain to Mountain by visiting their website and help support their next effort by donating to their Kickstarter effort for the Street of Afghanistan project.  

Tony Di Zinno recommends the work of Tim Herrington and Seamus Murphy

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The Candid Frame #129 - Tony Luna

photo: Doug Method
Tony Luna is founder and president of Tony Luna Creative Services, a Creative Consultancy, which he formed in 1971. As a Creative Consultant he has assisted over a thousand entrepreneurs and hundreds of businesses to start or reinvent their endeavors in photography, film, and graphic design. Mr. Luna is an Adjunct Professor and has been an instructor at the Art Center College of Design in the field of business for the creative entrepreneur since 1985. He also teaches a series of highly regarded career reinvention classes titled, Crafting a Meaningful Career- Parts One, Two, and Three to mid-career professionals who are looking to take their careers to the next level. You can discover more about him and his work by visiting his website

Tony Luna suggested the work of Ted Orland.

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Photographers for Your Consideration

As an adjunct professor at the Art Center College of Design. I have the opportunity to see a lot of work from some up-and-coming photographers. I thought that I'd share the websites of some of the photographers who are currently in my class this term.

You'll find  each of these photographers bring something unique and interesting to the table.

Brandon Osborn (
Brandon Osborn has an eye for detail. His videos capture the subjects and presents a mood consistent with the idea presented in the video. He is talented with still and motion photography.

Camillo Longo (
Camillo Longo is a photographer whose focus in on storytelling. He does so by making photographs with an emphasis on detail, history and research. 

Brian Pescador (

Brian Pescador mixed portrait with an interesting exploration of the urban environment, reveal vibrant image in common and unexpected places. 
Laurel Johnson is a diverse photographer who photographs fashion, portrait and food. However, she has a special affinity for interesting people, which can be found in her portrait series on roller derby athletes.