The Candid Frame #153 - Robert Rodriguez Jr.

Robert Rodriguez Jr. was trained as a musician and graduated from the Berklee College of Music in 1990 and was a music producer for 12 years before transitioning to landscape photography and the desire to spend as much time in nature.

With visual story telling,  he discovered the potential to express a more creative and personal vision. Focusing on the Hudson Valley allowed Robert to discover not only beautiful landscapes often taken for granted, but the changing mood and character of the region. Seeking to capture the beauty, or convey the emotional qualities of a place or moment in nature, his images have elicited responses ranging from evocative, to spiritual and breathtaking. He frequently travels beyond in search of other dramatic and unique locations, including New England, the southwest, and Canada.

Robert takes pride in a hands on approach to creating his expressive prints, working on every stage, from the initial exposure and processing, to printing and framing. His prints have been purchased by private collectors and commercial clients throughout  North America. You can discover more about his work by visiting his website and his blog

Robert Rodriguez recommends the work of Art Wolfe.

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The Candid Frame #69 - Miriam Romais

Miriam Romais is the executive director of En Foco, a non profit organization that supports contemporary fine art and documentary photographers of Latino, African, Asian and Native American descent. It was started 35 years ago in the Bronx by a group of Puerto Rican photographers to serve as as outlet for work that was being too easily overlooked by mainstream art world.

As well as her work with En Foco, Miriam is also a photographer and curator. Her own work has been published and exhibited in numerous galleries and museums throughout the country. Some of her work has focused on her other passion, motorcycling. You can view her work by visiting her website.

Miriam Romais recommend the work of Alejandro Chaskielberg.

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