Google Hangout with photographer, Bruce Smith

Our second Google+ Hangout featured a conversation with fashion/fine art photographer, Bruce Smith. It revoles around a collection of his best and favorite work over the span of his thirty plus year career. 

You can find out more about Bruce Smith's work by visiting his website or purchasing his book thru Blurb. 

You can also listen to his first and second Candid Frame interviews. 

We are envisioning this videos as an extension of the show, which provides us the opportunity share not only our conversation with photographers but also their images. If you like what you see please subscribe to the YouTube channel to be automatically updated on all new releases. 

The Candid Frame #148 - Jay Patel

Jay Patel is an exceptional landscape photographer whose passion for the outdoors began with his family travels in his country of origin,  India. Since picking up a digital camera a little more than a decade ago, he has developed both a keen eye and a mastery of the technical to create stunning images of the natural world. Along with his wife, Varina, another passionate photographer, they share their experience and extensive knowledge of photography and the natural world through workshops, e-books, blogs and an active presence in various social networks.  To discover more about Jay and his work visit his website and blog.

Jay Patel recommend the work of Varina Patel.

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The Candid Frame #121 - Julia Dean

Julia Dean is a photographer, educator, and the founder of the Julia Dean Photo Workshops. Julia received a Bachelor of Science degree in photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology and a Master of Arts degree in journalism at the University of Nebraska. She began her career as an apprentice to pioneering photographer Berenice Abbott. Later, Julia was a photo editor for the Associated Press in New York. She has taught for 29 years at such places as the University of Nebraska, Los Angeles Valley College, Los Angeles Southwest College, Santa Monica College, the Santa Fe Workshops, the Maine Photographic Workshops, Oxford University and the Julia Dean Photo Workshops. You find out more about her and her workshop by visiting her website.

Julia Dean recommends the work of Aline Smithson.

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The Candid Frame #106 - Lou Manna

Lou Manna is a renowned commercial food photographer based in New York City. For over thirty years, he has produced beautiful and effective photographs of every type of food imaginable, earning him a reputation as the one of the finest practitioners of his craft, because of his nuanced use of color and light. An Olympus Visionary as well as the author of the best-selling book, Digital Food Photography he continues to produce images for his commercial clients as well for over forty cookbooks. You can discover more about Lou, his workshops and his photography by visiting his website and his blog.

Lou recommends the work of Alfred Stieglitz.

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