The Candid Frame #107 - Gale Tattersal

Gale Tattersal is a master cinematographer who caused quite a stir when he decided to photograph last year's season finale of the popular television show, House using 5D Mark IIs. His effective use of a camera originally intended to create stills for filming a full episode of a network television showcased how this technology continues to change and evolve. His years of experience behind the lens has provided him great insight into the use of light, composition, movement and time. While many focus on the technology itself, Gale Tattersal is a big proponent for using these new capabilities to improve our ability to tell stories whether they find a home on a television, computer or even a mobile phone. He has recently been honored as a Canon Explorer of Light. You can discover more about his work by visiting his website and you can also find out more information regarding his popular HDSLR workshops.

Gale Tattersal recommends the work of Rodney Charters.

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