The Candid Frame #136 - Joel Grimes

Joel Grimes describes himself as an illusionist, a photographer who has created his personal stamp on the art of photography. His unique style for creating portraits, especially of sports figures, have made him a a popular and in-demand photographer for a host of commercial and editorial clients and increasingly, as an educator. Though his work involves him being a technician of sorts, he creates photographs with the vision of an artist. You can find out more about Joel Grimes and his work by visiting his website and blog.

 Joel Grimes recommends the work of Albert Watson.

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Photographers for Your Consideration

As an adjunct professor at the Art Center College of Design. I have the opportunity to see a lot of work from some up-and-coming photographers. I thought that I'd share the websites of some of the photographers who are currently in my class this term.

You'll find  each of these photographers bring something unique and interesting to the table.

Brandon Osborn (
Brandon Osborn has an eye for detail. His videos capture the subjects and presents a mood consistent with the idea presented in the video. He is talented with still and motion photography.

Camillo Longo (
Camillo Longo is a photographer whose focus in on storytelling. He does so by making photographs with an emphasis on detail, history and research. 

Brian Pescador (

Brian Pescador mixed portrait with an interesting exploration of the urban environment, reveal vibrant image in common and unexpected places. 
Laurel Johnson is a diverse photographer who photographs fashion, portrait and food. However, she has a special affinity for interesting people, which can be found in her portrait series on roller derby athletes. 

The Candid Frame #78 - Art Center Summer 2009 Grads

Amber Gress, Maurice Salazar, Joseph Escamilla, Cecilia Gavia and Anthony Cobos are members of the Summer 2009 graduating class of the Art Center College of Design's photo department. Two weeks prior to their graduation, we sat down to discuss their thoughts and concerns at the dawn of their photographic careers. This diverse collection of photographers have made a commitment to their passion for making images and that provided a unique opportunity to share their thoughts about the important choice they've made. Below are links to their websites.

Amber Gress

Maurice Salazar
Joseph Escamilla
Cecilia Gavia
Anthony Cobos

Amber Gress recommends the work of Corey Arnold
Maurice Salazar recommends the work of William Eggleston
Joseph Escamilla recommends the work of Jeff Lipsky
Cecilia Gavia recommends the work of Dan Winters
Anthony Cobos recommends the work Boyd Jaynes

Click here
for details about the Grad Show and for link to the other graduating photographers. Click on the individual images to discover each photographer's website.

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