The Digital Photo Experience podcast interviews Ibarionex

I was recently interviewed by Juan Pons for the podcasts with Rick Sammon, The Digital Photo Experience. This time I got to be on the receiving end of the Q&A and I discuss my own podcast, The Candid Frame. I talk about how taking risks and working with mirror-less camera has impacted my photography. 

If you have not listened to this show, you should as it's one of the best resources for the technical side of photography as well as same wonderful interviews with photographers. Check them out at the link below. 

You can download the episode by clicking here. Or you can visit their website

The Candid Frame #134 - Juan Pons

Juan Pons is a nature and wildlife photographer who was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  He is a strong supporter of wildlife and natural habitat conservation and is a member of several conservation organizations. As well as selling his prints to private collectors, he also donates his images to non-profit organizations with nature and wildlife preservation missions. He is an instructor and workshop leader as well as being the co-host along with Rick Sammon of the popular podcast, The Digital Photo Experience. You can find out more about his work by visiting his blog and gallery
Juan Pons mentioned the work of  Gabby Salazar from the Nature's Best Photography competition

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