The Candid Frame #141 - Lauri Lyons

Lauri Lyons is  a photographer who's photographic range has enabled her to shoot celebrity portraits, ad campaigns and documentaries. She has worked in Africa, Australia, Brazil, Europe, Mexico and the United States. Her photographs have appeared in such publications as The London Observer, Stern, The Fader and Art Forum. She is the first Black woman to shoot the cover of Fortune magazine.
Lauri is the author of two acclaimed books; Flag:An American Story (2001) and Flag International (2008). She was the commissioned portrait photographer for the book INSPIRATION: Portraits of Black Women Changing Our World (2012).
Lauri is the Publisher & Editor in Chief of the online publication Nomads Magazine. She is also a contributing writer for The Huffington Post and her essays have also appeared in The Wall Street and U.S.A You can find out more about Lauri and his work by visiting her website
Lauri Lyons  recommends the work of Ernesto Bazan.

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The Candid Frame #137 - Qiana Mestrich

Qiana Mestrich is a photographer and the creator of the popular Dodge and Burn blog, a site dedicated to work of photographers of color. Since she fell in love with photography at the age of 16, photography has been her obsession. Her professional career has involved her help other professionals to use social networking as a marketing tool, but it's her love for photography and the work on her blog that has helped to inspire her to return to school at earn her master's degree in photography at the International School of Photography in New York, where she is working to develop her own distinct photographic vision.

You can discover more about Qiana and her work by visiting her website and the Dodge and Burn blog

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The Candid Frame #100 - Eli Reed

Eli Reed is a photographer who has established a reputation for compassionate and beautiful documentary and photo-journalistic work. Whether he's photographing in a war zone, a Hollywood sound stage or a neighborhood convenience store, he consistently produces imagery that is striking, beautiful and memorable. A member of the of legendary Magnum photographer collective and an Olympus Visionary, he continues to produce important work as well as passing on his experience and knowledge of photography as a professor at the University of Texas at Austin. You can discover more about Eli and his work by visiting his website.

Eli recommends the work of John Isaac, who was actually the very first guest on this show. You can discover some of John's work by visiting his website and listen to our conversation by clicking here.

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The Candid Frame #96 - Anthony Barboza

Anthony Barboza is a self-taught artist, photographer, writer and historian He began his photographic career in 1964 with the Kamoinge Workshop. In 1969 he opened a commercial photo studio in New York City and has continued to do advertising and editorial spreads for magazines throughout the past three decades. Barboza has lectured at the International Center of Photography, Oberlin College, Ohio Univ., Museum of School of Fine Arts of Boston, Lowell Univ., Rochester Institute of Tech., Rhode Island School of Design, Wadsworth Antheneum of Hartford and was a guest instructor at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. He was the recipient of grants for photography from the New York State Council of the Arts in 1974 and 1976; the National Endowment for the Arts in 1980; and NYFA-New York Foundation for the Arts in 2002. In 1980 he self-published a book titled "Black Borders" with text by Ntozake Shange & Steven Barboza.You can find out more about him and his work by visiting his website.

Anthony Barboza recommends the work of Bill Brandt.

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The Candid Frame #83 - Darryl Sivad

Darryl Sivad picked up his first camera in high school. Richard Avedon invited Sivad to join him in New York City for a rare opportunity – a two-year internship. A delay in transitioning from Detroit to New York cost him that opportunity. However, highly regarded photographer Anthony Barboza did engage Sivad as an assistant.

It was here that Sivad was able to refine his own vision as a photographer. Sivad’s passion for photography continues alongside his career as an actor/writer. His images can also be seen in the following publications Black: A Celebration of Culture; I Shook Up the World; Saturday Night/Sunday Morning and Black Renaissance/Black Noire. Sivad has exhibited nationally including most recently at the UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History, the Leica Gallery, the Wadsworth Atheneum of Art, The African American Museum in Philadelphia, PA and the California African American Museum. His work is also in the permanent collections of the Museum of the African Diaspora and the Smithsonian Institute.

Sivad’s film and television career has included being a series regular, recurring and guest star on Friends, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, The Jamie Foxx Show, ER, The Naked Truth, NYPD Blue, Two and a Half Men, Talkin’ Dirty After Dark, Fear of a Black Hat and A Cinderella Story. You can discover more about his career and work by visiting his website.

Also check out a funny short-film, he co-wrote and stars in called The Playmaker.

Darryl Sivad recommends the work of Albert Fennar.

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The Candid Frame #79 - Lou Jones

Lou Jones is a versatile and prolific photographer who has used has passion for photography to capture sports figures, musicians, celebrities, politicians, CEOs and just everyday folk. His work can be said to fit any variety of photographic genres including photojournalism, portraiture, advertising, fine-art and more, which speaks not only to his skills as a photographer, but also his ability take a technical process and transform it into something beautiful and impactful. His personal projects including a documentary project on Death Row have helped establish him as one of the distinctive voices in photography today. He is also author of the recent instructional book, Speedlights and Speedlights: Creative Flash Photography at the Speed of Light. You can discover more of his work by visiting his website or following his blog.

Lou Jones recommends the work of Sebastião Salgado.

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