Video Tutorial: Improving Contrast with a Levels Adjustment

As part of our expansion of the content we are providing on The Candid Frame, we introduce the first video tutorial in which we focus on how a Levels adjustment in Adobe Lightroom helps improve the look and feel of your image. A Levels adjustment can dramatically improve contrast, particularly one photographed in open shade or on an overcast day. It should often be the first step to take when working on an image in your favorite photo editing application.

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Listener Photo of the Week - October 20, 2010

Photo by Doug Chinnery

Photo by TheFatCat44 on Flickr.

There is lot to be said for simplicity. This image is like many dawn or sunset images that are made everyday, but because of a small and simple accent the nearly pristine quality of the water and sky become that much more impactful. With the presence of the negative space, in the figure of the man, the contrast becomes significantly more dramatic. Very cool shot.