Listener Photo of the Week - March 28, 2011

photo by Doug Chinnery on Flickr
Simplicity of composition is at the heart of this image and what makes it so effective. So many images are just cluttered with stuff, way too many distractions to have to weed through to get to the heart of the image. This image doesn't have that problem and Doug Chinnery has created a beautiful composition using the important element of line, shape, contrast and lighting that make so many great photographs and paintings.

Listener Photo of the Week - February 5, 2011

Image by Peter Amador

Having shot in my fair shares of boxing gyms, they are notoriously terrible with respect to lighting. Even if you have a camera capable of high ISO, the light is just piss poor. So, using strobe becomes essential. I love the way that Peter Amador creatively used the strobe off-camera and took advantage of the resulting shadow to create a very strong photograph.

Listener Photo for the Week - November 4

Photo by Patrick Eozenou   
Photo by Patrick Eozenou on Flickr.
We saw a lot of pictures of window frame and a lot of images of pigeons in flight, but this shot combines them both into an interesting and even jarring way. At first I think that white behind the bird is an overexposed sky, but the post reveals that it's part of the wall adjoining the window. The repeating shape of the post and the window is broken up dynamically by the sharper lines and shape of the bird, creating a very dramatic contrast. It certainly made me stop in my tracks and why I chose it this week.

Listener Photo of the Week - October 20, 2010

Photo by Doug Chinnery

Photo by TheFatCat44 on Flickr.

There is lot to be said for simplicity. This image is like many dawn or sunset images that are made everyday, but because of a small and simple accent the nearly pristine quality of the water and sky become that much more impactful. With the presence of the negative space, in the figure of the man, the contrast becomes significantly more dramatic. Very cool shot.

Listener Photo of the Week - September 8

Photo by Johannes Reinhart on Flickr.
This is an image that breaks a lot of rules. It doesn't have a solid black. It suffers from overexposure and flare and a lack of contrast and color saturation. Yet, it works and that's what I love about it. It has a wonderful feel to it and it's a great moment. There are other images that are more technically "perfect" but are empty. This is anything but.

Listener Photo of the Week - September 16

Photo by Rex Lisman on Flickr.
The thing about this image I like is that Rex was undoubtedly drawn here by the quality and reflection of the light. It's a wonderful example how paying attention to the light itself can lead one to make an image that most people would miss entirely. Great images are not just in front of us at eye-level.